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    Client cannot access a subdomain, even though I can

    Hello, It was indeed the user’s router cache (I did not even know they had them!?). I got the client to access the site at w…
    By afletcher
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    Client cannot access a subdomain, even though I can

    So I set up the client's domain subdomain to a droplet, which serves as their "backend". I can access the website fine on, on mobile, browsers and different browsers or computers. The DNS is han...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @afletcher, This sounds really interesting! I've just tried to : Open your Droplet's IP in the browser Ping the Domain it shows Do a CURL request to see the headers it returns. I can confirm everything looks to be ...
    2 By afletcher WordPress DNS
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    Apache2 - Redirect subdomain to subfolder

    I have set digitalocean to handle my domainnames. I have one droplet with the backend and one with the frontend. I have pointed my domain name to the frontend ( I would like to point a subdomain to a sub...
    2 By afletcher Apache