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    Blocking a directory of a website via DNS

    Hello, so I have been trying to block only a directory of a website for a few days now. I want to edit it and make it look like the site is telling the user you cannot view this page on this network; like DNS spoofing...
    Accepted Answer: @AireServ As far as DNS goes, you won't be able to block directory access using DNS. DNS simply routes the entries from the DNS provider (i.e. DigitalOcean or your domain registrar) to your web server. Once the reque...
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    How to spoof a only a directory of a website (e.g. via DNS

    DNS Spoofing is considered...bad. But that's only because people do not use it for good. I am trying to block a directory of a website by spoofing it on my local DNS server. However, I do not want it to redirect. Here...
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