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    Why can I no longer access my WordPress droplet from a browser after I migrated a theme?

    I migrated a theme using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Everything worked, briefly. I tried to login to my new dashboard and I mistakenly using my original WP credentials instead of the ones from the new theme I ...
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @ajarana: It was the failed attempts that did it, whoops. Running 'sudo service Fail2Ban stop' in my droplet solved it, courtesy of DO Support. View the original comment (https://www.digi...
    1 By ajarana Networking Apache WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    504 Gateway Time-out - Reddit installation on Ubuntu 14.04

    Hello, A few months ago I set up a 0.5gb droplet to get a small project of mine online. This was based off Reddit's open source software, and installed by simply running a script on Ubuntu 14.04 (
    Accepted Answer: Since it's been a while since I've played with Reddit's open source code I took a few minutes to try and duplicate this problem on a droplet of my own. I was not able to duplicate it but I have an idea of the cause o...
    1 By ajarana Networking Ubuntu