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    How do I set up a SSH backup destination that points to my local Windows Server?

    Hi, I am trying to add a backup destination in my Droplet (Ubuntu 16.08) CyberPanel that points to my local Windows server. I have setup an SSH server on the local Windows Server and created a 'root' user. I have test...
    2 By ajdunne Backups
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    How do I create a reverse DNS (PTR) Record

    I have an Ubuntu 18.04 droplet being used as a web host for a shared hosting setup. I need to set up a Reverse DNS record for the Web Host as outgoing emails from the hosted sites are being rejected by recipients as t...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @ajdunne The Reverse DNS is configured automatically from our end based on the droplet's hostname. To rename your droplet via the control panel, do the following: Login to the Digital Ocean Control Panel Go t...
    4 By ajdunne DNS Ubuntu 18.04