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    Server Down when more than 1000 user registered same time

    What type of web server are you using? If it is Apache it is normal. I recommend using Nginx + PHP-FPM and as for the DB… Optimiz…
    By ajmusic15
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    Why do I get so many failed accesses via SSH?

    I open this debate because the truth is that I always ask myself the same thing and google does not have the answer. Because whenever I create an instance in DigitalOcean there are constant failed accesses from differ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ajmusic15, In my experience and in my eyes these connections have always been some bots trying to gain access to my system whether it's here or on another provider. I never gave them much though despite the fact t...
    1 By ajmusic15 CentOS DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls