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    VPS freezes everyday no SSH access.

    I have a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS running LEMP (512MB Droplet). This server hosted 3 WordPress sites. Which has 500 daily traffics to 2 sites, other one doesn't have any traffic. All the time RAM usage bellow 300MB and CPU us...
    1 By AKA40 LEMP WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    LEMP + WordPress site loading too slow.

    Use Easy Engine. It make Nigenx WordPress installation secure, faster and easier. With your configuration you can install it.
    By AKA40
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    Why can't I use Credit card payment?

    Hello, Today I try to make a payment via my credit card, after I successfully added my CC, I can't see any option to make the necessary payment. Therefore, I have to use only PayPal. How do I use my CC for payments? ...
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