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    Remote access to MySQL not working after following a ton of tutorials. What am I missing?

    I've changed bind-address to and today changed it to the IP of my server which still doesn't work. The MySQL user I'm trying to connect with has host set as % and I've of course restarted MySQL a bunch of time...
    Accepted Answer: MySQL is a plaintext protocol, do not expose it to the internet and use it over a SSH tunnel instead.
    1 By Akandesh MySQL Firewall Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do I install fancyindex on Apache2?

    Dont see a delete button but a friend helped me.…
    By Akandesh
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    How do I install fancyindex on Apache2?

    I have autoindex.conf&.load in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled and mods-available and tried following but did not work. Im a beginner of linux and...
    1 By Akandesh