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    Disable HTTPS redirect in NGINX

    Hi, I have been trying to disable HTTPS redirect in NGINX but just couldn't. My current NGINX configuration is: ``` server { listen 80 defaultserver; listen [::]:80 defaultserver ipv6only=on; root /usr/share/n...
    3 By akshaybabloo Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Failed to start ghost.service: Unit ghost.service not found.

    Hi, Ubuntu 16 showed me that there was some update, so I updated it. Now whenever I am trying to start the Ghost service I get "Failed to start ghost.service: Unit ghost.service not found." But when I go to Ghost fold...
    1 By akshaybabloo Ghost Ubuntu 16.04
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    Porting Ghost 0.7.9 to Ghost 0.8?

    Hi all, Has anyone tried to port Ghost 0.7.9 to 0.8?
    2 By akshaybabloo Ghost
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    Domain and hosting with Namecheap, but point subdomain to DigitalOcean?

    Hi, I have a domain and hosting plan with Namecheap; this means I can't use their Advance DNS but rather I have to use CPanel's Zone editor to add any zone records. I have tried to create a subdomain, say dev.domain.c...
    1 By akshaybabloo Ghost Nginx Ubuntu