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    Unexpected 302 error (Moved Temporarily) after login in my website

    I have a website running with Nginx and PHP-FPM (, however when I try to access to access its administration and put the correct login info, it just reload the login info pag...
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    How to redirect Nginx 400 error to website desired page?

    Thank you so much. What I’m hosting is a web app, and its index y located in /web/app.php. So I put in Nginx: erro...
    By alainalemany
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    How to redirect Nginx 400 error to website desired page?

    I have a website for a client, but when I go to and insert special characters, let's say$%#&, Nginx give me a 400 Bad Request error. What I want here is, instead of that error, redirec...
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    How can I allow IGMP-traffic in FirewallD?

    Following a guide, the author allow IGMP-traffic with IPtables with the following line: sudo iptables -I INPUT -p igmp -j ACCEPT But I want/need to do it with FirewallD. I've looked everywhere and got nothing. Can a...
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    How to fix an unknown internal server error (500) Nginx is giving me?

    Nginx is giving me a 500 error that's driving me crazy. First of all I have a personalsite.conf archive inside <^>/etc/nginx/conf.d/<^> where I have my server block. This is my server block configuration: ``` server {...
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