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    How To Configure Apache HTTP with MPM Event and PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 18.04

    In this tutorial you will improve the performance of the LAMP stack by changing the default multi-processing module from pre-fork to event and by using the PHP-FPM process manager to handle PHP code instead of the cla...
    By Albert Valbuena Ubuntu 18.04 Apache LAMP Stack
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    Recommended Steps To Harden Apache HTTP on FreeBSD 12.0

    Although the default installation of an Apache HTTP server is already safe to use, its configuration can be substantially improved with a few modifications. In this tutorial you'll implement some recommended steps to ...
    By Albert Valbuena FreeBSD Apache Security
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    How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on FreeBSD 12.0

    In this tutorial, you will use Certbot to set up a TLS/SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt on a FreeBSD 12.0 server running Apache as a web server. Additionally, you will automate the certificate renewal process using ...
    By Albert Valbuena FreeBSD Apache Let's Encrypt
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    How To Configure Apache HTTP with MPM Event and PHP-FPM on FreeBSD 12.0

    The MPM Event module is a fast multi-processing module available on the Apache HTTP web server. PHP-FPM is the FastCGI Process Manager for PHP. The FastCGI protocol is based on the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), a pr...
    By Albert Valbuena Apache PHP FreeBSD
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    How To Install an Apache, MySQL, and PHP (FAMP) Stack on FreeBSD 12.0

    A FAMP stack, which is similar to a LAMP stack on Linux, is a group of open source software that is typically installed together to enable a FreeBSD server to host dynamic websites and web apps. FAMP is an acronym tha...
    By Mitchell Anicas, Albert Valbuena Apache MySQL PHP FreeBSD