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    How to enable /wp-admin on subdomains

    Hello, I've created 2 subdomains for my and I created them by copying databases and apache configs. I made the necessary changes in apache configs and enabled them, but did ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Yes, indeed you are correct. What you need to do is: Make sure that your wp-config.php files for your new subdomain names are set to the new databases and database users that you've created You need to run a se...
    1 By aleshkjee Apache WordPress MySQL
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    Existing SSL certificate conflicts with a new one

    Hi, I just started to learn Linux server and tried to make a web site using WP. So I installed a LAMP on VPS and WP on it using Digital Ocean tutorials. Got my Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for To avoid p...
    1 By aleshkjee Apache Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 18.04