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    How to enable LOCAL capability in MySQL Workbench?

    I'm trying to use LOAD DATA with the below command to import CSV files into a managed DO droplet via MySQL Workbench because the Workbench wizard is incredibly slow. LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:\...Path...\May22 P2...
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    phpMyAdmin File Limit

    I'm trying to import a 151 MB database into phpMyAdmin and am getting the error "You probably tried to upload a file that is too large. Please refer to documentation for a workaround for this limit." I've already edit...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @alexanderCrab Could you please confirm that the uploadmaxfilesize change has taken effect? What you can do is to create an info.php file and then check the value. You can create a file named info.php (the nam...
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    How To Find php.ini? (Ubuntu LAMP on 18.04)

    I'm trying to upload a large database to phpMyAdmin, and so need to adjust the values of uploadmaxfilesize, memorylimit and postmax_size in the php.ini configuration file. However I'm having trouble locating php.ini o...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @alexanderCrab, The best way to see which PHP.ini your website is looking at is using phpinfo. PHPinfo() is a PHP method which can be used in a file like so ``` <?php phpinfo(); ``` Basically, what you need to do ...
    1 By alexanderCrab PHP MySQL Ubuntu 18.04