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    How to install CentOS 7.3?

    I need to install CentOS 7.3. But in droplets images only 6.9 and 7.4 versions. It seems it was possible to choose CentOS 7.3 earlier?
    1 By alexeytarutin Linux Basics CentOS
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    Store a site files and DB on mounted volume — is good idea?

    If I store a site files and DB (mysql files, mysql.sock) on mounted volume on same region with droplet — what about speed? Maybe sites will work slower or db access have high callback? I want structure like: /mnt/sit...
    Accepted Answer: It may be slower, but I doubt it. What you're describing is actually standard, so good for you! You're doing it right.
    1 By alexeytarutin DigitalOcean Server Optimization Linux Basics CentOS