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    Multiple DigitalOcean Droplets?

    I have 1 domain to 1 droplet in my account (currently using 2gb/2cpu $20/mo plan), they are handled by serverpilot and cloudflare Now if I want to create more domains (2,3,4) and host them with Digitalocean, do I nee...
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    Server Disconnect Code 1006

    I've been searching around the questions area - and I found this as helpful as the answer...
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    How to set up Email on DigitalOcean Droplet?

    Thanks for both of your replies - will try both out ANother question: When I try to log in my Console Access from DO dashboard, …
    By alexlee7296
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    How to set up Email on DigitalOcean Droplet?

    I am using Namecheap domain, but my hosting is by Digital Ocean droplet How do I set up an email of my domain? admin@domain.tld Anyone can guide me on a step by step basis - that will be greatly appreciated! :D
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    Not able to connect to Filezilla with my password

    Hi! I understand that logging into FileZilla is with these credentials: Host: sftp://Your_IP User: root (or your username) Password: Your password For my password, I just reset it and the new password is in my email H...
    Accepted Answer: @alexlee7296 When connecting to your Droplet using SFTP, you simply need to use the SFTP option instead of FTP. Also, instead of using sftp://DROPLET_IP, only use the IP with root as the username and then your root p...
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