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    How can I downgrade my DB cluster

    Hi, I was able to upgrade my DB cluster, but there is no option to downgrade it! I don't understand why not. I can downgrade and upgrade my droplets whenever I want, but not my DB cluster? Is there a way to do this, o...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ALKateb, At the moment Digitalocean does not support scaling down of a Managed database cluster from the UI, You can read about limitations here: Alt...
    1 By ALKateb DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Scaling
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    How to setup shared storage on DigitalOcean load balanced droplets

    I have a WordPress site that periodically peaks in traffic, this does not happen often enough to warrant a beefy server. So I was planning on setting up a load balanced cluster of small droplets. One problem rose thou...
    1 By ALKateb DigitalOcean Load Balancing Clustering Block Storage CentOS