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    Which type of Cpanel Lisense should I buy for Droplet?

    I’m a little appalled by the negative tone in some of the answers, above. I know quite a bit about Linux sysadmin, but even so, the…
    By allen3a3106037cc1fa32afadd
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    apt-get "Couldn't make mmap" error

    I have a more-or-less clean 1GB Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64 droplet. I've installed Vesta on it, but nothing else. apt-get is failing as follows: allen@m1:~$ sudo apt-get check Reading package lists... Error! E: Couldn't make...
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    What is the best control panel for a newbie at the moment?

    Saying that “Webmin/Virtualmin” are not user friendly is a colossal understatement. It probably does way more than what you need, …
    By allen3a3106037cc1fa32afadd