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    Enable PHP 5.5 Opcache on Ubuntu 14.04 with Nginx and PHP-FPM

    Thanks for the guide Chris! I have one question. I enabled opcache with php 5.6 and downloaded a web-viewer. It shows me the opcach…
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    Best configuration for wordpress based site

    Hello! Since I switched to digitalocean, I started to read some guides and tutorials to optimize wordpress for best performance when it comes to caching,but I found so many opinions, I don't know which to follow. Some...
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    Missing mod_cache from apache

    Hello! I just installed wordpress and was trying to optimize the apache server a little following the "How To Configure Content Caching Using Apache Modules On A VPS" guide. The problem is, when I try to edit the disk...
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    Connecting from IP working but domain has problems on Wordpress(Ubuntu 14.04)

    Hello, I just joined digitalocean and created a virtual host with wordpress(used the one click install). I followed the tutorial and now when i try to access the site, the domain works but all internal links point to ...
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