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    open vpn between Droplets

    VPN and iptables are like walking to school vs. bringing a lunch. You need to do both?
    By AlpineLakes
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    Securing private cluster communication: which VPN?

    I have a small collection of CentOS 7 droplets configured with one droplet exposed on the public Internet and the remaining three accessible only via their private IPv4 addresses. I plan to lock down all four private ...
    3 By AlpineLakes Networking VPN
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    CentOS 7 /etc/hosts vs /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.*.tmpl?

    If I create a CentOS 7 droplet using the default DO-supplied image, I note when going to /etc/hosts to add private IP aliases for my other droplets that there's this: ``` Your system has configured 'manageetchosts' as...
    1 By AlpineLakes Getting Started Networking
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    Droplet descriptive text title inaccurately reflects launch snapshot?

    I create a droplet, ssh in, set it up, shut it down and take a snapshot 'baseline #1'. I then restart the droplet, continue another round of config, stop, and take a 2nd snapshot 'baseline #2'. At this point, the dro...
    1 By AlpineLakes Control Panels Deployment
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    Why does powered off droplet get started after snapshot?

    Via the web console, taking a snapshot of a power-off droplet restarts the image when the snapshot process completes. I would expect the the droplet to remain powered-off. This is an experimental box I set up that I w...
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