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    What Will Happend If I Pay More Than The Current Costs on Early Payment?

    If I pay more than the current monthly billing costs on an Early Payment with the custom amount, does it become a Pre-Payment? Which DO will check every first day of the month. I know there is a Pre-Payments method o...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @alramdein, What I'll recommend is to use Paypal and add the custom amount you wish to your Account. That way when you have an invoice, the invoice will be paid from there. Let's say you want to add 20 dollars to y...
    1 By alramdein Billing DigitalOcean Droplets
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    PHP files are DOWNLOADING instead of EXECUTING on nginx

    In my case, I forgot didn’t install PHP yet. Make sure you already installed it by typing php -v. If there is no version informat…
    By alramdein
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    Nginx Server unable to start up due to issues with conf?

    In my case, my symlink is not working properly. To solve this, make sure that you write the full path of the directory when perform…
    By alramdein