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    Server is not responding - WordPress

    Any feedback?
    By Amurepinho
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    Server is not responding - WordPress

    We have a simple WordPress droplet running as our helpcenter. It's a 4 GB Memory / 30 GB Disk / SFO1. It's constantly showing error 502, server not responding. But I can access it via SSH, FTP etc. It was working wel...
    2 By Amurepinho WordPress Server Optimization
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    Cannot Access PHPMyAdmin on a WordPress Droplet with UserDate PhpMyAdmin installation

    I've created a new WordPress Droplet and used User-Data to install PhpMyAdmin. When I try to access: I Receive 401 Unauthorized. I've tried do use MYSQL root user using the password di...
    2 By Amurepinho WordPress MySQL Control Panels DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Ubuntu