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    Has anyone configured W3 Total Cache with DO Space CDN?

    I run W3 Total Cache ( on a few of my WP websites and am looking to try out the DO CDN service provided through spaces. Has anyone set this up, if so what settings did you...
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    How to run DNS on DO & DKIM on droplet

    Here is the setup: DNS through DO managed on the networking page. Domain with a record pointing to droplet DKIM setup properly on droplet and dns record on DO for DKIM signature Is there any way to get this to work...
    0 By andrewrowlandg Email DNS Ubuntu 16.04
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    Backup Virtualmin to DigitalOcean spaces

    I am trying to figure out the correct settings to backup from virtualmin to my digitalocean space. I have followed this guide, but everytime the backup fails stating "Failed to list S3 buckets : The AWS Access Key Id...
    3 By andrewrowlandg Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do you setup proper group and user permissions on Centos for multiple WordPress installs?

    I have a CentOS box running with multiple WordPress installs. Here are the steps I followed to setup each directory and install. Created folder within /var/www/{websiteurl} Created config inside httpd for multiple do...
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    CentOS 6 - Postfix all e-mail goes to spam

    Running CentOS 6. I have postfix installed and it is sending e-mail. However, all my e-mails go to spam. rDNS & DNS setup. SPF for my domain also setup. Below are the e-mail headers. Delivered-To: arowland@isl-edu.or...
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