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    413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

    I am trying to upload my old SQL database. When I upload the theme through PHPMyAdmin, I get this error. What do I have to do to increase the upload limits?
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    Migration problem with the Duplicator Plugin on Ubunto 16.04

    So I am in the last phase of migrating my website from Bluehost to Digital Ocean. I am using the Duplicator Plugin for the last step. But when I visit my website at all I get back ...
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    Server block issue: I am removing my "sever_default" but it is still showing

    So I open my new server block with: sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/ Then I remove the default_server parameter. However, when I use the command: grep -R default_server /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ To check...
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    How to I setup FTP to allow people to upload a website?

    So I followed this tutorial: But it limits the user to write only in their directory. Is there a tutorial fo...
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! That can get a bit more complicated, but I found a discussion on it here which contains a few ideas about how you might accomplish it.
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    Can someone explain the different types of "Image"?

    I get the one click installer. If anything I probably should have used that to begin with. But I chose "Distribution" then set up Ubuntu 16.04 myself. Can someone explain in depth the difference between "Distribution...
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! A container distribution is basically a Linux distribution built and optimized for using Docker containers. You're only going to want to choose one of those if you know how to use Docker and intend to us...
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