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    Analysing the graphs from my droplet..

    Hello im currently on the 2gb Droplet running my wordpress based website, and i have been looking at the graphs to show the system usages etc... My droplet is pretty low on all the graphs, especially CPU usage. Over...
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    Are Ports 25,465,587 ports still blocked by default, or is it something else wrong?

    Firstly i have just created a support ticket, but just thought if i ask the question here, it may save the support team some time... I successfully got my ‘demo’ site working using domain This includ...
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    Troubles with email on my first , Want to check i fully understand how DO works...

    Hello, Im new to DO, and i have set up a Droplet to test on for the option of moving my site over from shared hosting. (set up 2gb droplet, and installed wordpress via Serverpilot, as promise of the added security ou...
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    Completely new to this, and have few questions before comitting

    I have had a look at the Digital Ocean tonight and it seems ok, albeit a little daunting due to being new to this sort of thing(only used hosting from Arvixe, via cPanel), but from guides i reasonably quickly got a ‘d...
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