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    Deploying a Python3.6 Flask project to Ubuntu14.04 with a LAMP Stack

    I have a local Python3 Project that uses Flask. I use it to display search results via the URL. How do I deploy this to my existing DigitalOcean Droplet that's running Ubuntu 14.04 with a LAMP stack? I've tried this ...
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    How to Install GitLabs on Ubuntu 14.04?

    Hello! Has anyone installed GitLabs on their own Ubuntu Droplet with an existing content? I plan to do so, and I'm not sure how to go about it, if I need to get a new Droplet because installed GitLabs might overwrite/...
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    How to listen to a certain port

    Hi. I have an Apache Server with a LAMP Stack running on Ubuntu 14.04. It's all set up well, but I also need to monitor messages coming in from Port 22. I've opened the port using ufw, but I don't know how to listen t...
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    Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64 Apache - Showing Index Of/ instead of index.html?

    Fixed it. I ran sudo nano /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf And then I saw that it didn’t say index.html. It had `index…
    By angelovillasant
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    Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64 Apache - Showing Index Of/ instead of index.html?

    Good day, I've set up my server online over DigitalOcean, I followed their guides on how to set up an Ubuntu 14.04.x x64 server, setting up a LAMP stack, and installing phpMyAdmin. Everything is working fine, the mySi...
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    I can't seem to view my index.html file.

    HOLD ON. I just found my /var/ folder Hey guys, I've recently uploaded the necessary files for my website in my Ubuntu14.04 server. I followed the initialization guide (minus the LAMP installation) so can log in to my...
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