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    Multiple domain names pointing to a single Spaces account

    Is it possible to setup multiple domain names to a single Spaces account ? I would like : point to /spaces-dir/cdn1 point to /spaces-dir/cdn2 point to /spaces-dir/...
    1 By anjanesh DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Space with custom domain name with DNS managed at domain company

    Is it not possible to create a space with custom domain name if the DNS is managed at my domain company ? All my domainss DNSes are managed at my domain company and I point A records to DigitalOcean's servers.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @anjanesh You can use a sub-domain and connect it to your spaces. You can find more information by following this link: You can also ch...
    1 By anjanesh DigitalOcean Accounts
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    Webfaction setup

    I've been with Webfaction for almost 10 years now and am happy with their setup. But a recent acquisition by GoDaddy has caused some concerns among their customers.
    1 By anjanesh PHP Ubuntu 18.04