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    How to configure multiple mail servers using iRedmail?

    Hi, I'm using a Droplet with a single domain since a year now and it has a mail server configured as well (iRedmail). Everything works perfectly but now I need to add a new domain for mailing so how can I do that? Th...
    2 By ankushsilhi Apache Email Ubuntu
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    LetsEncrypt Renewal Failure

    HI, I'm trying to renew my Let's Encrypt certificate and it's giving me an error PluginError(('There has been an error in parsing the file (%s): %s', u'/etc/apache2/sites-available/', u'Syntax err...
    Accepted Answer: What files are located in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ The presence of a .save file makes me think that you may have used an editor to modify your 000-default.conf file which created a backup (as the .save). If the ...
    2 By ankushsilhi Apache Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 16.04
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    cURL script stopped working on ubuntu 14.04

    Hello, I'm using for sending SMS via POST (PHP & cURL). At first it was not working but then I removed "curl_exec" function from php.ini that was disabling it, which did the trick and everything was wor...
    1 By ankushsilhi PHP Ubuntu
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    Unable to configure Let's Encrypt on ubuntu 14.04 with apache

    Hi, I have followed every step of the below tutorial but I'm still unable to configue let's encrypt. (https://ww...
    1 By ankushsilhi Let's Encrypt Apache Ubuntu 16.04