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    I Want to migrate multiple Wordpress website to one droplet Ubuntu 20.4

    I need to transfer two existing WordPress website to one droplet on Digitalocean. I tried several articles and noting seems to work. I have the backup and DNS configured to Digital Ocean. But, How to Install and confi...
    1 By anurnj Ubuntu 20.04
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    Unable to set PhpMyAdmin Application password.

    I am using the guide( to install PHPMyAdmin panel on a fresh droplet. All the Apache and SQL server are installed ...
    1 By anurnj PHP PHP Frameworks
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    Cannot Set PHPMyAdmin Application Password?

    mysql said: ERROR 1819 (HY000) at line 1: Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements I Cannot set PHPMyAdmin Application password. No matter how strong, complex password I try to set, the console...
    1 By anurnj PHP