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    Setting-up sub-domain with Nginx

    How can I set up sub-domains in Nginx? Things I have set-up already" Nginx running a Ruby rack app DNS set-up with DigitalOcean How do I create a sub-domain to root to another ruby app?
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    How can I recover missing config files?

    Issue resolved
    By Apop
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    How can I recover missing config files?

    I'm trying to reinstall nginx but the config files have been deleted and I dont know how to reinstall the default ones.
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    How do I set-up reverse proxying with a Ruby Rack app?

    Are there any good link/resources deploying a Rack app(Not rails!). So far I have the Rack app set-up with the folders and such but I have been having LOTS of trouble with the nginx part so I uninstalled and decided t...
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