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    My droplet is not connected to the internet

    I am not sure what is going on but it seems my droplet is not connected to the internet. I tried to run sudo apt-get update and here is the result: Err xenial InRelease Err http://m...
    Accepted Answer: You aren't having an issue connecting to the internet just yet. If you want to test connectivity you need to ping an IP address that you know is available and you were on the right path with pinging google however, yo...
    1 By ariefrizkyr Networking Dokku DigitalOcean Docker Ubuntu 16.04
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    Dokku Deploys To Every Domain and Subdomain

    Hi, I'm currently developing Rails web app and I deploy it with Dokku to this droplet. I linked the droplet to my domain name. with the following settings: A record @ >> droplet IP A record * >> droplet IP CNAME www >...
    2 By ariefrizkyr Dokku Ruby on Rails Deployment Ubuntu
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    503 Login Error FTP on Froxlor

    Hi, I just setup Froxlor on my server (Ubuntu 12.04) and get all finished up. I use ProFTPd for the FTP. But, when I tried to access the FTP account via Filezilla, I kept getting 503 error message.
    1 By ariefrizkyr