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    phpstorm installation on vps?

    is it possible to install php storm on my vps? i saw they do provide an ubunto installation. i want to code with laravel on my vps, and i understood that only phpstorm can provide autocomplete folr laravel
    1 By avielnah
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    where to create the www folder?

    and do you manage to have different websites installed? for example, when i try to put also codiad there: var/www/codiad - i cant …
    By avielnah
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    where to create the www folder?

    hey. when i first start with a clean ubuntu image, I have no www folder. where shall i create it? i saw some put it in var/www and others in root/www. does it matters? i use cloud 9 for coding and it points only...
    3 By avielnah
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    push from my local PC to the VPS

    hey, sorry if this question is basic, but i am quite a beginner, and didnt find an answer for this. i want to develop my laravel project on my pc, and push the changes to my VPS. is that possible? do i need to install...
    2 By avielnah