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    How to setup OpenVPN Client Username & password authentication / NO Certificate?

    I am new in OpenVPN, But I want a client to connect IP: Port and Username/Password. I don't need any Certificate authentication. Please, anyone help me...
    1 By ayan VPN Ubuntu 16.04
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    Naked domain redirect to https with www

    Thanks… It’s works but when url it not redirect “” please tell me how i will do it.
    By ayan
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    Naked domain redirect to https with www

    I want to redirect my naked domain to https with www like => I am using Ubuntu 16.04, apache, Let's Encrypt.
    Accepted Answer: Rewrite rules will help you with this. It's very powerful utility, you do almost all URL manipulations with it. We will added needed rules to Apache config. If you use default configuration, it's stored in file called...
    3 By ayan Apache Let's Encrypt WordPress Ubuntu 16.04