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    How to Use Su with FreeBSD 11?

    I understand that the root user doesn't have a password, and that, for security reasons, direct root access isn't available via SSH. That said, there are some instances, such as viewing the contents of directories cre...
    Accepted Answer: Try using toor account, like: sudo su - toor Iirc the shell login for root is disabled. One you login as toor you can change this to enable shell for root.
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    FreeBSD Droplet Cannot Connect to the Internet

    I am running FreeBSD 10.2. I spun the Droplet, accessed it via ssh, and did the following: 1) cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster/ ; sudo make install clean 2) sudo portmaster -a 3) cd /usr/ports/net/svnup ; sudo mak...
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    FreeBSD Droplet no IP Adress

    Problem: FreeBSD 10.2 Droplet has no IP Address Diagnostics: ifconfig -a : vtnet0 has no inet or intet6 address. cat rc.conf : sshd_enable="YES" demsg : $hostname not set ping : no route to host What I've Tri...
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