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    SMTPServerDisconnected at /accounts/send_email Connection unexpectedly closed

    Thank you @carolynsteph16 for your response! Yes this makes sense but here’s the traceback I have - pls click the link and you wil…
    By bdossul
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    SMTPServerDisconnected at /accounts/send_email Connection unexpectedly closed

    I am currently experiencing this struggle. I did the following code: ``` EMAILHOST = '' EMAILPORT = 587 EMAILHOSTUSER = '' EMAILHOSTPASSWORD = os.environ.get('EMAILPASSWORD') EMAILUSE_T...
    3 By bdossul Django Python Python Frameworks
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    Updating my GitHub repository from using 'git push' in MAC terminal doesnt work

    Hello everyone - anyone ever experienced dealing with this type of issue? When I finished updating my python code, I did the 'git push' to update my repository on GitHub. I checked my repository manually on GitHub to ...
    1 By bdossul Django Git Python
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    TDD/CSS & HTML testing issue

    Hello everyone - I just ran into another issue related to CSS selector especially '.has-error' I still cant find a solution. Anyone here ever dealt with this issue before? pls kindly help. I am stuck at this point b...
    1 By bdossul Django VS Code Python
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    Gunicorn - start server issue? How to start it?

    I am having this issue to start my gunicorn server, but it seems like it's failing to start the server after I did reload daemon and enable my updated gunicorn system. I checked two or three times to make sure all's c...
    0 By bdossul Python Django DigitalOcean
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    NGINX issue - reload failed.

    Hello: This is the error where I have been stuck after reloading the nginx. Does this (pls see photo)look familiar to you? It shows reloading is failed when I tried to reload it. As per TDD book's suggestion, I check...
    1 By bdossul Nginx Django Python