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    Mediawiki URL redirect with .htaccess

    I use Mediawiki on my site's subdomain (viki). I changed my url structure. Old url structure: New url structure:
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    Big size SQL import problem?

    Hi. I have backup of Mybb forum SQL. I want to import that. SQL file size is 222MB. I used Bigdump.php. But when proccess is %100, it give me error: ALTER TABLE `mybb_posts` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`pid`), ADD KEY `tid` (`t...
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    What is ideal my.cnf and httpd.conf settings for Digital Ocean's 10$ droplet?

    Hi. I am using Digital Ocean's 10$ droplet with Centos 6.5 64 bit + APC + Apache + Google Page Speed Module. My cpu load is high. Here is htop output. ( My [mysqld] settings in my.c...
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