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    Node js cannot allow to access MySQL on digital ocean

    Try entering the mysql environment on the droplet via mysql -u root -p (mysql root password is usually in /root/.mysql_password o…
    By benaloney
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    I get 403 forbidden when I access my webiste

    My guess is that you just need to restart the nginx server using: service nginx restart [Similar Question](https://www.di…
    By benaloney
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    Domain name not getting connected to droplet but ip with port number does

    Can you use the following command to start the angular app? ng serve --host --port 80 This will start your a…
    By benaloney
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    Oneclick Apps: Wordpress 4.8 is now minimum of 1GB?

    Hi Digital Ocean, We were was just going through the one-click installations, and it seems the minimum instances have been changed for WordPress but not for LAMP: New minimum instances: - WordPress: 10$ per month ...
    Accepted Answer: This is not especially relevant any longer since we no longer offer the 512MB droplet size (the 1GB droplet is now $5/month). The minimum of 1GB of RAM was added to the WordPress image because crashes of MySQL due t...
    1 By benaloney DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace WordPress Ubuntu 16.04