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    HTTPS for nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 with DNS records not hosted on DigitalOcean

    I would like my droplet to serve HTTPS via Nginx, but I don't want the DNS records hosted by DigitalOcean. The reason is that I have a complicated set of DNS records at my domain registrar, and I'm certain something ...
    1 By benferilliniti Nginx Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean DNS
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    Lots of unexplained errors with DO Spaces / object storage

    More information on the PutObject/DeleteObject errors. These were occurring with every call to the Spaces interface, over a period…
    By benferilliniti
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    Lots of unexplained errors with DO Spaces / object storage

    Is DO Spaces stable and production-worthy? I get so many unexplained, seemingly random errors that I am beginning to worry about the bet I made on it. There merely annoying ones are that some objects seem to become u...
    2 By benferilliniti Object Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    Sample code to use boto (not boto3) with Spaces

    I'm hoping for sample code using boto (not boto3) for writing an object to the Spaces system and then reading it back. This StackOverflow question 1 (
    0 By benferilliniti Object Storage Python