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    Droplet Networking is disabled and Support team not replying since 14 hours

    It has been more than 13 hours since my droplet's networking is disabled, I have removed the reported content but still no response from support team on droplet. Please help.
    1 By bettersoon Apache CentOS
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    Unable to Restart Apache Server

    Whenever I am trying to restart my apache server , I am getting this error My server is Centos 7 Please help me.
    1 By bettersoon Linux Basics Apache CentOS
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    How to Install Perl LWP module on CentOS 7 ?

    Hi, I want to install Perl LWP module on my CentOS 7 server , I tried to to run this command : sudo yum install -y perl-libwww But got "No package perl-libwww available." Please help me. Also I want to install these :...
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