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    How do I go about making a subdomain appear to be a subfolder?

    I'm trying to find out how to make a subdomain appear as a subfolder ie: if I have - but I want to browse to - to find it rather than have it available at also - h...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @bigjohnny Are you using Apache or Nginx? If you don't want to use anymore, then you can setup redirects to And then you only need to add HTTPS to since you're not ...
    1 By bigjohnny Deployment CentOS
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    Looking for a complete tutorial to using dokku and Ubuntu 16.04

    Not sure what was wrong here - destroyed the droplet, started from scratch and it seems now to be working. No idea what I was doing…
    By bigjohnny
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    Looking for a complete tutorial to using dokku and Ubuntu 16.04

    I'm trying to set up a droplet with dokku - I used the one click app for Dokku on 16.04. Unfortunately I can't find any tutorials which actually go through all the steps to get this working. after $git push remote_na...
    1 By bigjohnny Dokku Ubuntu 16.04
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    Setting up with DO

    I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times but I can't find any questions/answers by searching... Anyway - I'm looking to set up a rails site, discourse forum and image server here on DO, (or heroku - but I just do...
    Accepted Answer: @bigjohnny When it comes to managing a server, we have a few guides to cover the basics, though security is a very broad subject matter. Much like software, security is ever-changing and you would need to keep up wit...
    1 By bigjohnny Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Security Ubuntu