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    Ignore fix subdomain and route to specific path

    I am using Nginx. and I have domain ex:- and now what I want is I have to setup this rule in nginx.conf if anyone hit any other subdomain just like then it will refer to
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    Master not discovered in elasticsearch query

    I am using EFK stack (Open distro elasticsearch , kibana, and fluentd) my elasticsearch is running on 9200 port.
    By bittu
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    how to expand root volume size

    I have created a volume that is 10 GB. so now I want to merge this 10GB volume to my root volume. my root volume size is 25 GB so the storage accessible under root / how can I do that? ``` root@test:~# df -h Filesyste...
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    Master not discovered in elasticsearch query

    When I am trying to use this command curl -XGET --insecure http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices -u admin:admin, it gives me this error! {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"master_not_discovered_exception","reason":null}],...
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    How do i get #Client Cert and #Client Key in kubernetes cluster.

    Hello, Digital ocean community in my Kubernetes cluster and in kube config I can't find #Client Cert and #Client Key. so how can get it?
    1 By bittu DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes