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    Deployment stage failing due to heroku-php-apache2 problem

    Hi everyone. As part of the project I'm building, i've started adding some composer dependencies. This is what my composer.json file looks like: ``` { "require": { "vlucas/phpdotenv": "^5.3" }, "co...
    1 By brownjohno1993 PHP DigitalOcean App Platform PaaS
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    Securing SMTP credentials

    Hi, I'm using Google's SMTP server to act as the integration for my contact form (PHP). The site is being hosted in your App Platform, I don't really want to have to use Droplet. I've had it working locally, but befor...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @brownjohno1993 Great question! App Platform will automatically decrypt and inject the plaintext into the the environment variable for the component (or entire app if using global vars). You don't need to do the de...
    1 By brownjohno1993 PaaS Security DigitalOcean App Platform PHP