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    Proper resize of droplet

    Hi there, I want to resize my droplet to higher plan with CPU and RAM expansion. My question is: when I shutdown droplet in console with typing "sudo shutdown -hP now" and then go to web panel and activate the resize ...
    1 By brzezickiandrzej Configuration Management Ubuntu
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    Fixing bad gateway issue 502

    I’m using Nginx, Ubuntu 14.04. How I am supposed to check which plugin is causing the problem? [Screenshot of console](…
    By brzezickiandrzej
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    Fixing bad gateway issue 502

    Hi everyone, From time to time my website is getting error 502 bad gateway or just simply doesent loading up. When I'm looking at the graphs of CPU usage I've realized that when I want to edit some posts on wordpress ...
    2 By brzezickiandrzej Server Optimization Ubuntu
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    How exactly the backups run?

    Hi everyone, Maybe there was this question before but I must know it for sure. How does exactly the backups running? I've got website on my droplet and suddenly everything just broke. When I click on restore backup it...
    2 By brzezickiandrzej Backups Ubuntu