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    Is there a way to create a space using terraform?

    Nevermind I didn’t realize that Spaces were not available on the London region (all my other assets are there), and Terraform’s …
    By bytencode
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    Is there a way to create a space using terraform?

    Hi I'm trying to setup my database backups so that they are stored in a DO Space. My infrastructure on DO is created using Terraform and provisioned using Ansible. So my approach was to use Terraform's digitalocean_s...
    1 By bytencode Terraform DigitalOcean Spaces
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    What's the best way to create a droplet with block storage using Terraform and Ansible?

    Hi I'm in the process of automating my infrastructure on DO. I have all droplets and volumes created using terraform, and I'm also using user data during the provisioning for things like defining base packages, creati...
    Accepted Answer: Your approach to using Terraform for provisioning infrastructure and Ansible for config management is the right way to think about it. Luckily Terraform should be able to do what you'd like. Pre-formatted volumes crea...
    1 By bytencode Ansible Terraform Block Storage Ubuntu 18.04
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    Dokku and NodeJS + AngularJS Apps

    Hi We're new to DO and we are deploying a set of apps that use Node for API and Angular for frontend code, and we're using Dokku as the app container. We are facing a bit of difficulty because of the lack of Dokku doc...
    1 By bytencode