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    SSL error Laravel 5.2 DO Spaces

    I'm trying to move from S3 to Spaces on Laravel 5.2 Unfortunately, I keep getting SSL problem: S3Exception in WrappedHttpHandler.php line 192: Error executing "ListObjects" on "https://MYBUCKETNAME.ams3.digitaloceansp...
    1 By cagrit Applications Ubuntu 16.04
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    Convert Droplet's IP to Floating IP

    I'd like to use Floating IPs But since I have tons of IP related stuff going around I must keep using droplet's old IP. I'd like to use droplet's own IP address as a Floating one. Is that possible?
    Accepted Answer: Hi! Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert a Droplet's IP to a Floating IP. I would suggest adding a Floating IP to that Droplet, and gradually transitioning to this new IP address which will not cause any downt...
    2 By cagrit Networking