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    How do I re-new my SSL with name cheap and Ghost

    I have a site running ghost and an SSL from name cheap installed and working. The cert is soon to expire and I have paid to get it renewed, but I am a bit lost as to what next. Do I just delete everything and go throu...
    1 By calewis Ghost Nginx Ubuntu
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    I am using Ghost and want to add New Relic to my blog. I have installed the new relic module, but need to change the app's start-up script to include $ require('newrelic'); I can't seem to find the path to server.js i...
    1 By calewis
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    Configuring Ghost.

    It may be due to the way your DNS is set-up by DO. I had the same issue and the mailgun people had this to say: <br> <br>“Hey Chri…
    By calewis
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    Node.js and New Relic

    Hi, I used the one click install for Ghost and am trying to set-up new relic app monitoring. I used $ npm install newrelic, and the files installs, but I cant seem to locate the nodemodules file where it's supposed to...
    2 By calewis