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    How can I find out if my secure certificate is set up to renew automatically

    I have followed the tutorial "How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04" to add a free SSL secure certificate to my website deployed in my droplet ubuntu server. After all done, I just noticed that the c...
    1 By Canbrian Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 20.04
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    How to fix API 500 internal server error - ubuntu droplet

    I just deployed my .net 5.0 app to ubuntu Droplet, in which Apache proxy was configured by run below commands without any issue: a2enmod proxy proxyhttp proxyhtml rewrite systemctl restart apache2 sudo ufw allow 'Apac...
    1 By Canbrian Apache DigitalOcean Droplets API Ubuntu 20.04 Deployment Initial Server Setup
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    How to configure port 465 for my internal email server as environment variable

    My newly deployed web app seems stuck at email service port as the server keeps complaining null value of it and thus preventing other access to api requests. Please correct my config or point out what I have missed o...
    1 By Canbrian Email Angular DigitalOcean Droplets Firewall
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    How to pull down images to my newly created ubuntu Droplet?

    I'm about to publish my web application to the Droplet that I've created. My application requires postgreSql and redis so I created a yml file to pull down those image for services. unfortunately, my docker-co...
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    how to configure my droplet to host multiple applications

    Currently, I have set up my Droplet hosting one angular application for testing, which seems running properly. Now, I was wondering if I can upload one more angular application on the same Droplet. If possible, can yo...
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