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    Web Server is Down after deleting Another Website

    I didn’t delete anything from web server configurations just deleting the old website domain using this using rm -r /var/www/oldweb…
    By carpediem
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    Web Server is Down after deleting Another Website

    Hello There, I just want to ask this question, I have this Old Domain / Website that has been on my droplet for a long time, actually, that domain/website was the first one I have created in here, Digital Ocean. So I...
    2 By carpediem WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    Error Establishing Database Connection

    Hello there, Can someone please help me, I always got this Error Establishing Database Connection on my website and it almost appears every day. I am on 512mb / 20GB disk Plan ( Droplet) and my traffics range is only...
    1 By carpediem WordPress Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    Wordpress Error Establishing Database Connection

    Can someone please help me with this, my Wordpress website always get this Error almost 2 times a week with Error Establishing Connection. I don't know how to fix the issue, tried to ask for admin support but still th...
    3 By carpediem WordPress
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    How to Redirect 404 into a new Link

    I am still learning here in Digital Ocean. I am using Wordpress in my website. My website categories has been changed into a new url / slug and now the old ones are all 404 Error. All the 404 are already indexed in Go...
    1 By carpediem Apache
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    All Outgoing Links in my Wordpress Site are in HTTPS

    Hello, i just have a problem with my wordpress website. 2 weeks ago, i just installed HTTPS on it. then today, i notice that when i tried to put link on my post to other blog / sources, it automatically converted into...
    1 By carpediem Configuration Management