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    Port Scanning The Internet

    Hey Justin, I have a box elsewhere that I use it to perform ip4 scans across the ip4 network for vulnerability identification, technology fingerprinting and other research - what challenges would myself or digital oc...
    0 By Carroll Security Monitoring System Tools
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    Did certbot break on Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04 or vice versa

    Hey Jason, thanks for your time on this, I just installed the certbot manually the problem was the apache config failed to write…
    By Carroll
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    Did certbot break on Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04 or vice versa

    Fresh install running from /opt/digitalocean/ /usr/bin/wp 100%[===================>] 5.31M --.-KB/s in 0.07s 2019-11-16 14:16:59 (76.5 MB/s) - ‘/usr/bin/wp’ saved [5568133/5568133] Completin...
    Accepted Answer: These errors are not from Certbot, but rather from the WP-CLI utility.Try upgrading or re-installing WP-CLI.
    2 By Carroll WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
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    New wordpress image faulty? (unable to create folder (WP 18.04))

    I would have put this in general but I've done nothing to the configuration except follow instruction. 4GB Ram, 80 storage, more than enough power for a wordpress instance, the only adjustments I've made is give it a...
    1 By Carroll DigitalOcean WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
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    Google domain > Digital Ocean Box

    Hey guys, I use to manage my domains I've reverted back to googles name servers and wonder what it is that I might be missing historically with VPS's I've just pointed an A Record to the IP of the web...
    2 By Carroll Networking Ubuntu