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    Flexible resize preserves IP address?

    It seems implied but I cannot find anywhere it is explicitly stated whether your Droplet IP address is preserved upon a flexible resize. Can anyone answer this?
    1 By ccuilla Networking DigitalOcean Ubuntu
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    Multi-droplet architecture same domain

    Maybe this is not the best (right?) approach, but I'm investigating the following setup and wondering if this is possible with Digital Ocean Droplets: Imagine a base domain: Now I want to be able to support mu...
    1 By ccuilla DigitalOcean DNS Ubuntu
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    How can I determine which node version Meteor is running on?

    On my Droplet I have two nodes: /usr/local/bin/node (v 0.10.36) /usr/bin/nodejs (v 0.10.40) How do I know which one Meteor is using?
    2 By ccuilla Node.js Ubuntu
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    How to upgrade MongoDB (2.4 to 2.6) on Ubuntu 14.04

    Since I've installed MongoDB per this procedure: Which did: apt-get install mongodb-server I'm curious ...
    1 By ccuilla MongoDB
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    Anyone running a Meteor app on a multi-core Droplet?

    Does this require using in order to properly operate?
    1 By ccuilla Scaling Ubuntu
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    Why mongo shell is "connecting to: test"?

    Can anyone explain why when I run the mongo shell it is "connecting to: test"?
    1 By ccuilla MongoDB
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    Possible to serve a single insecure file (apple-touch-icon) on nginx for a Meteor app?

    I have a Meteor app setup following this basic procedure: The one problem I am currently having is that...
    1 By ccuilla
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    How do I validate meteor app running?

    I've followed this tutorial for deploying a meteor app: But it seems that the Meteor app is not running...
    0 By ccuilla