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    Whats the best way to use digital ocean spaces upload API with a PHP project ?

    I submitted an answer with the aws api (unfortunately 25MB+ code) [[there](…
    By centg3
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    The PHP League Flysystem for "Spaces" object storage

    Tested and it’s working: 1) install v.1 of league flysystem library ([documentation](…
    By centg3
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    How can we move /home in ubuntu to a block storage?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if we can add a block storage and then move /home there. That's an easy process when installing ubuntu to a laptop with say 2 partitions but is this possible in these mounted volumes? Thanks in adv...
    Accepted Answer: Yeah you can, it's quite simple to do * mount your new block storage at let's say /mnt * rsync /home over to /mnt * delete everything from /home (this is optional to create more space for root partition, MAKE SURE EVE...
    2 By centg3 Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04