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    Can't get unicorn to run - Ubuntu 20.04 Ruby on rails

    I'm trying to get a simple ruby on rails app running. I created a droplet with Ununtu 20.04 Trying to use NGINX/UNICORN getting a 403/nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu) error I set up /config/unicorn.rb Permissions seem to be rig...
    1 By cgmendla Nginx
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    Trying to get Postgres working on a uby-rails-postgres-nginx-unicorn-512mb-nyc1-01 droplet

    I am trying to get postgres working on my droplet. If I do a port scan for the ip of 5432, it says the port is closed. If I try to access with PGAdminIII, I get an error of 'server doesn't listen' If I do a psql \co...
    1 By cgmendla PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Ubuntu
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    Can't start Postgres . password='nil' message

    I am using a droplet with ubuntu/postgres/rails. I can't seem to get the postgres server running. I used the tutorial at
    1 By cgmendla PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails
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    I ran Bundle Install as Root. How can I fix this?

    I ran Bundle install as root while setting up a droplet. I think it broke the installation as the message said it would. How can I fix this? I believe it might be with a chown to the rails user but I'm not sure about...
    1 By cgmendla Ruby on Rails